Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Two friends recently have given up their jobs - one slightly better paid than the other - to take time out from the rat race. Given the state of the jobs market at the moment I'm wondering if this is slightly reckless or brave or a bit of both. Both said they were stuck in a rut at work and needed a kick to get out and do something different. Both have mortgages and one has kids too. I'd love to be brave and do that - take charge of my life and be brave but am not that brave! Besides my job isn't well paid enough to quit and my wage helps pay the mortgage.... dilema

Monday, 7 March 2011

Not Quite Yummy Mummy

how to get spinach and other yumminess into kids - give them an omelet - oldest child didn't suspect a thing!
police van just rolled up outside ..... wondering if they've taken away those who blight the end of my road...
Wondering why it is that kids never know what they want for tea. Was going to wow them with my home-made pasta sauce but that has been kicked into the long grass by eldest child who claims she always has pasta - not true as the last two days it's been potatoes.....! So waiting for inspiration - could be a long wait though. Time to raid the larder
of course it would help if I could spell! That first sentence should have read: At long last.... rather than At long list....
Must be too excited about becoming part of the 21st century and blogging. It's all new to me...

Spring has sprung

At long list the green shoots are beginning to show and winter in Brockley looks to be in the dim but not too distant past. It's gorgeous outside and am now looking forward to taking the kids to the park after school. Here's to more days like today!