Monday, 5 December 2011

The Snow Queen

Think you know the story of The Snow Queen? Well a new take on this classic Hans Christian Anderson tale now on at the Unicorn Theatre will make you think again.
In an inspired move, author Anupama Chandrasekhar has set the story in India with Gerda becoming Gowri, beautifully played by Amaka Okafor.
When her best friend Kumar (Ashley Kumar) disappears after a freak snowstorm on the southern tip of India, Gowri sets off on a gruelling and challenging quest to find him and save him from the icy grip of the Snow Queen (Nimmi Harasgama).
Armed only with her self-belief and talisman shell, Gowri’s journey takes her through the burning heat of southern India, lush backwaters, the bustling vibrancy of Mumbai’s street markets, glitzy Bollywood and desolate bandit country before she reaches the stark and ice cold palace of the Snow Queen.
Along the way, she encounters plenty of strange, exotic and wonderful characters, from an old lady who wants to play games with her in her garden to the Sea Goddess with attitude, who eventually agrees to give her safe passage to Mumbai, the cast of a Bollywood movie, a three-headed man and a gang of bandits.
The cast of seven works brilliantly covering a multitude of characters, and with a stunning set, beautiful music and dancing, ensures this fantastic production will delight adults and children alike.

I took my 7yo daughter and she loved it!

Unicorn Theatre, Tooley Street, until January 8. Call the box office on 020 7645 0560 for details.

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