Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Eye over London

Being invited to a champagne breakfast on the London Eye is something not to be sniffed at. So, last week I accepted said invite and found myself at this iconic structure with several other journalists for the unveiling of the Eye’s latest attraction.
The gadget we were all there to see and play with is a Samsung Galaxy tablet which aims to give anyone taking a ride in one of the pods a more interactive and informative trip.
Simple to use, just find a building that you see outside that you want to find out more about, tap on the screen and up pops a 3D image of said landmark plus some history and key facts about it.
You can scroll round 360 degrees to see and find out more about the 44 landmarks across the city which are included – the furthest being Wembley Stadium, 12km away.
Not only that but you can also get to see what they look like at night time simply by tapping the moon icon on the screen.
For technological simpletons like me it’s easy to use so the kids will have no problem. Its only downside was that I was completely hooked and spent so much time playing with it that I didn’t have enough time to enjoy the views!
The tablets have been introduced following market research done by the Eye to find out how peoples’ experiences of the Eye could be made better. The research, conducted over three months last year, found visitors wanted more information about what they could see from the pods.
I think the tablets are a clever addition to the whole experience and should prove popular for both visitors and London-dwellers alike. They do not intrude into your enjoyment of the ride as you don’t have to use them. But if you do, they provide an insight into some of the buildings which make up this great city.
For more information about all of the London Eye’s products as well as the new core experience visit or follow the London Eye on twitter Alternatively customers can book using the telephone booking line - 0871 781 3000

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