Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Elephantom - review


IMAGINE having an elephant in your house. And one which is particularly wild and cheeky. Well that is the situation in which one little girl finds herself in a production of The Elephantom at the National Theatre's Shed stage.
The show is an adaptation by Ben Power of Ross Collins' acclaimed book of the same name.
It features a cast of nine including the amazing puppeteers who manipulate the Elephantom.
At first we see the Girl, played by Audrey Brisson and her Mum and Dad going through the motions of their everyday lives. It is all ordered and structured and their movements are beautifully choreographed.
But the Girl is clearly lonely as her self absorbed parents spend most of their time engrossed in each other and pay little or no attention to their daughter.
But one night she has a dream and a blue elephant comes to visit. At first she is a bit scared of him but then she realises he has a sense of humour and she comes to enjoy having him around - not least because he is the only creature who gives her any attention.
But then he starts being mischievous and brings his friends round for a party and things start to get out of hand.
Full of wit, beautifully acted and choreographed, with lots of clever detailing and hugely inventive, this is a show for all ages.
And the sight of elephants disco dancing, jiving and congo-ing about the small stage will stay with me forever.
This is definitely one Elephantom in the room who will get noticed. Just brilliant.

The Elephantom is on at The Shed until January 11. Tickets cost £12. Call the box office on 020 7452 3244  

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