Monday, 3 February 2014

Grandpa's Railway

Grandpa's Railway - Unicorn Theatre

Thomas Frere as Grandpa

Thomas Frere as Grandpa and Belinda Lazenby as Grandma
pic credit lewis wileman

MODEL train sets have a certain fascination - for kids and adults alike. And one such features in a new show now on at the Unicorn Theatre.
Grandpa's Railway is a delightful story of moving on and letting go and has been brilliantly and sensitively written for young children.
Colin and Nita - Grandpa and Grandma - are packing up all their belongings from a lifetime of living in their home, to move closer to their young granddaughter Ruby who lives the other end of the country.
The task is going well in most of the house however, up in the attic it is a different story.
Here Grandpa is having real difficulty packing up his much loved train set - which he created as a young boy and which has been his pride and joy ever since.
It is beautifully set out with a station, tunnel, water tower and lots of people and as he uncovers it from its shroud of sheets there are gasps of wonder from the young audience.
As Grandpa tries to get on with the task in hand, he finds the engines and the track and inevitably gets distracted with his memories.
However, things are then made worse when Grandma tells him he has to get rid of the train set as it won't fit in the new house, something he hasn't appreciated and can't quite come to terms with.
It is a gentle, sweet show which will appeal to kids of all ages and to their parents, with lovely performances from Thomas Frere as Grandpa and Belinda Lazenby as Grandma. Best of all it features a proper working model railway and a bit of magic!

Grandpa's Railway is on at the Unicorn Theatre, Tooley Street until Sunday. Tickets from £10. Call the box office on 020 7645 0560  

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