Friday, 18 April 2014

Interview Nick Fogarty

A BRITISH musical will finally get its London premiere this week - after eight years in the making.
Written by former pop star, Nick Fogarty, Best of Friends was due to open at the Arts Theatre in central London last summer as The Golden Voice, starring Darren Day.
However, it was delayed multiple times before it was eventually cancelled.
But now Nick is bringing it to the Landor Theatre in Clapham, where it opens tomorrow and he couldn't be more delighted.
"It's been a real labour of love," he laughs warmly in a break from rehearsals.
"Throughout my career I've collaborated with a lot of people but with this one project I wanted to do myself - and that's what I've done - including learning to play all the instruments which feature in the score! I just didn't think it would take this long to bring to the stage!"
The story is about two friends and music lovers, Mike Chariot and Jim Ryan. In their 20s they used their passion to start a band, but after five years of trying they weren’t as successful as they’d hoped.
When Mike enters a talent show it ultimately destroys all the major relationships in his life, including the band.
But after 20 years of not speaking, he returns to make amends. Will Jim – now entangled in the London underworld – accept a truce?
"It's based on my own experiences of the music industry as well as a desire to see more contemporary musical theatre being created, which is something close to my heart," says Nick.
"My background is pop music but I also love traditional theatre. Historically we've had composers who have produced some amazing musical theatre, but I don't think there are enough composers trying to find a modern voice.
"I hope this show will help encourage a new generation."
He also stresses it's not so much about talent shows so much as friendship.
"It was always about two best friends," he says. "Although it's not really about talent shows per se I hope it sends a message to kids that while talent shows have their place and give youngsters a bit of exposure, they don't necessarily give them careers.
"I'm a vocal coach now and hear kids all the time saying they want to win X Factor which is a shame as it's not the way we are going to find real artists of the future."
Happily, despite the trials and tribulations of writing the piece, it has inspired him to do more and another show is in the pipeline.
"The whole process has been incredible and I'm delighted to be bringing it to the Landor which is a great theatre with a fantastic team," he says.
"I think it's a really good show - it's dramatic and emotional - and I'm really proud of it so it's great people will finally get to see it."

Best of Friends is on at the Landor, Landor Road, from tomorrow until Saturday, May 10. Tickets cost £19. Visit or call the box office on 020 7737 7276.

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