Monday, 9 June 2014

REview - Meow Meow


GOING to a Meow Meow concert is a curious affair. It's not so much a concert as a surreal evening of music, comedy, sequins and cabaret all mashed together to create a glorious fusion of fun and frivolity.
The legendary songstress is currently in residence at the London Wonderground spiegeltent with her Feline Intimate show.
She comes out on to the stage to raptuous applause and then stands arms outstretched waiting for flowers to be thrown in her directon.
When none appear she goes off in a huff and comes back moments later muttering and with her own blooms which she hands round to the audience. She returns to the stage, does her entrance once more and awaits the bouquets.
It's all hilarious and the rest of the 90 minute show continues in much the same vein.
All the songs, which range from classic jazz and cabaret numbers through to a bit of Radiohead and even a couple she wrote herself, are punctuated with plenty of audience participation or comments and stories from Ms Meow or even more hilariously when she has to take off her sparkly dress to hand back to the promoters.
The night ends not on the stage with a rousing number which she belts out with her fabulous voice - no, it's a bit of crowd surfing in which she allows the audience to manhandle her up and down both sections of the Spiegeltent while she sings a song - and coming dangerously close at one stage to slipping out of her gorgeous yellow dress.
It's organised chaos but it works so well and she has the audience in the palm of her hand throughout.
And if you strip out the mock diva moments and added extras you will hear the most beautiful voice. Fantastic!

Meow Meow is performing Feline Intimate at the London Wonderground until June 8
Tickets cost £15.50. Visit or call 0844 545 8282

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