Friday, 4 July 2014

Review - Pajama Game


A MUSICAL set in a pajama making factory in 1950s midwest America may sound a somewhat strange idea but don't be fooled because one such which has recently opened is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.
The Pajama Game is packed with fun, jolity, fabulous music, cracking songs and brilliant dance routines from the off and don't stop until the curtain comes down, ensuring the audience will leave the theatre with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.
Richard Eyre's production was first seen in Chichester last year but has now been transferred to the Shaftesbury Theatre.
The story concerns the workers of the Sleep-Tite pyjama factory who are desperate for a seven-and-a-half cent an hour pay rise.
However their tight fisted boss Hasler is having none of it and hires the handsome Sid Sorokin as his superintendent to keep them in line.
In the true traditions of all good love stories he immediately falls in love with feisty union rep Catherine "Babe" Williams who is in charge of the grievance committee.
Their relationship starts of on rocky ground as a result but of course just when you think things are plain sailing it all falls apart when he has to fire her for a misdemeanor.
Elsewhere there is much hilarity thanks to the brilliant secretary Gladys who does a great burlesque routine and Vernon Hines, a time and motion man in love with Gladys but who has a penchant for drink and knife throwing - mostly at the same time.
Although there are superb performances from the likes of Michael Xavier as Sid and Gary Wilmot as Hines, it is an ensemble piece where the entire cast get their moments to shine.
And shine they do. This is a toe tapping, glorious, colourful, vibrant and utterly blissful show.

The Pajama Game is on at the Shaftesbury Theatre until September 13. Tickets from £20. Call the box office on 020 7379 5399.  

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