Friday, 12 June 2015

REVIEW As You Like It, Globe Theatre


SHAKESPEARE'S As You Like It is one of his most clever and sublime comedies and features some of his best loved characters.
Done well it is a joy and this can certainly be said of Blanche McIntyre’s glorious production now on at the Globe.
It is often described as a pastoral romance full of cross dressing, brilliant conversation, satire, love and forgiveness.
Most of the action takes place in the Forest Of Arden where Rosalind, the daughter of an unjustly exiled duke, escapes to after her usurping uncle banishes her from court.
It is a cruel blow as she’s just caught sight of the Orlando, a courtier who has also been wronged having been deprived of his birthright by his brother.
However, Rosalind disguises herself as a boy and together with her cousin Celia goes looking for her father and his friends in the forest.
As luck would have it she bumps into Orlando again. He confesses his love for her via a series of love notes posted on the trees but she cannot reveal her true self to him as she’s in her boyish garb. Instead she counsels him in the art of love.
It is a fantastically written play and this current production shows it off spectacularly.
Michelle Terry is fabulous as Rosalind – showing a feistiness that is delightful. Her reaction of "phwoar” at the sight of Orlando’s (Simon Harrison) rather impressive six pack is hilarious.
She is ably supported by a stellar cast including James Garnon who puts in a memorable performance as the rather miserable Jaques and Daniel Crossley as a truly funny Touchstone thanks to the speed of his delivery.
As is the norm with the Globe the actors make full use of the audience and it is a joy to be and feel fully involved with this funny and brilliantly staged production.

As You Like It is on at Shakespeare's Globe, Bankside until September 5. Tickets cost from £5. Visit or call the box office on 020 7401 9919.

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