Tuesday, 8 March 2016

REVIEW - Twelfth Night at The Globe


IT is an exhilarating experience watching a play performed at the Globe theatre. It is largely down to the atmosphere generated by the audience, many of whom are standing in the pit area.
But when that audience is predominantly made up of teenagers, this amazing atmosphere is ramped up to a whole other level.
And this is currently the case with a production of Twelfth Night which is being staged as part of the Bankside theatre's Playing Shakespeare project.
With the text cut neatly to about 100 minutes, the production is geared towards teenagers and brings out the main themes of the play without losing any of the drama or the wonderful language.
Director Bill Buckhurst's version begins with Viola and twin brother Sebastian atop a shipping container which is rotated round the stage by the rest of the cast to show the violence of the storm that eventually separates them.
While Sebastian is rescued by Antonio, Viola is washed up on the shore and resolves to dress as a man in order to work for the Duke Orlando.
As Cesario, Viola has the task of wooing the lady Olivia on Orlando's behalf. However, Olivia will have none of it and instead falls in love with Cesario who in turn has fallen for Orlando.
Meanwhile Olivia's man Malvolio is being mightily abused by her cousin Sir Toby Belch, her maid Maria and friend Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
Eventually of course, all the storylines come good, order is restored and Sebastian and Viola are reunited.
Despite the cut in the text, the story is easy to follow and the language shines. The comedy of the situations is worked to the max and the mostly young audience loved it, whooping and cheering throughout.
Fast paced, energetic and very funny, it was inventively staged and well acted with stand out performances from Dickon Tyrrell as Sir Toby and Molly Logan as Viola.
For any youngster who has never seen a Shakespeare play performed, go and see this one. It's terrific.

Twelfth Night is on at the Globe Theatre until Friday, March 18. Visit www.shakespearesglobe.com/ for full listings.

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