Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Legend of Captain Crow

Based on the children's book by Eoin Colfer, The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth is a thrilling and sometimes scary show now on at the Unicorn Theatre.
Caravan holidays will never be the same again for young Will thanks to the legend that is Captain Crow.
The Captain's teeth are rocks part submerged by the sea near a holiday caravan site at Duncade Point where Will and his family spend their summer holidays and which sometimes gleam and flash.
Although Will's dad says the glow is due to phosphorescence, Will's brother Marty delights in scaring Will and younger brothers Donny and Bert with tales of the terrifying Captain Crow who is still searching for the cabin boy who attacked him with an axe at the same spot 300 years ago.
Things come to a head one evening when Marty abandons Will on their way back from a disco and he is left to come home on his own.
Stumbling about and losing his way, Will fears he can hear noises which sound like the Captain's ghost and thinks he sees some of the pirates.
He has to summon all his courage to get home without the Captain catching him.
The parts are played by a cast of five who do a fine job.
Alasdair Hankinson gets the nine-year-old Will spot on with a mix of the raw fear of wondering if ghosts do exist and the energy and self awareness of a child.
Miles Yekinni is suitably scary as the enormous Captain Crow dressed in huge boots and a dark trench coat complete with black feathers and big gloves as well as Will's gentle father.
Itxaso Moreno and Cath Whitefield play the younger brothers and two of the Captain's pirates and Ashley Gerlach hits the mark as the boys' older brother Marty, full of irritating jokes and creepy ghost stories.
Although there are some funny moments such as the disco dancing and the antics of the two younger brothers, the play is also very dark, eerie and sometimes just plain scary, and with plenty of thunder claps, blackouts and sinister music, it's not for children of a nervous disposition!
The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth is on at the Unicorn Theatre on Tooley Street until Sunday 15 April
Box Office: 020 7645 0560

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