Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Man With the Disturbingly Smelly Foot

Theatre review 
Four stars
Last Sunday, I took my seven year old daughter Lucy to see The Man With the Disturbingly Smelly Foot at the Unicorn Theatre in Tooley Street.
Decisions, how to make them, and making the right ones are the issues raised in the play by Sophocles which has been re-imagined for young audiences.
The Man with the Disturbingly Smelly Foot is based on the legend of Philoctetes and has been brilliantly re-worked for children by Nancy Harris as part of a special Greek season put on by the Tooley Street theatre.
Set during the Trojan war, the play deals with dilemmas surrounding friendship, loyalty, integrity and deception.
Odysseus and Neoptolemus land on a remote island hoping to meet up with Philoctetes, who has lived on the island for nine years. He has remained there abandoned by the Greeks and an outcast because of his injured, and hideously-smelling foot.
Odysseus wants to steal Philoctetes' magic bow and arrow to help the Greek army fight the war. Using his cunning and skills at manipulation, he leaves it to Neoptolemus to get the goods while he watches from a safe distance.
Complete with a stage full of sand, plenty of gross-out moments, delightful and amusing seashells not to mention a strong moral theme, this adaptation is a delight and full of humour.
Alex Austin puts in a superb performance as Neoptolemus who realises what it is to be loyal to your friends and have integrity. Mark Monero is excellent as Philoctetes and Alexis Rodney too as the devious Odysseus.
The production is a gem and Lucy and I would highly recommend it!

The Man with the Disturbingly Smelly Foot runs until Sunday, May 20 and is suitable for ages seven and up.
Box office - 020 7645 0560.

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