Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Thing About Men

If you want great musical theatre without the West End price tag I suggest heading down to the Landor Theatre in Clapham.
This small, intimate space has a well-deserved reputation for putting on terrific shows and its latest offering, The Thing About Men, is no exception.
Tom is the epitomy of the all American dream. He’s good looking, suave, sophisticated, is at the top of his game as director of a successful ad agency, has a beautiful wife and two great kids and has had a smattering of affairs along the way. He’s seemingly got it all.
However, Tom’s life shatters when he finds out his wife is giving him a taste of his own medicine by having an affair with a younger man. A would-be bohemian artist called Sebastian who lives in a less than salubrious New York Loft apartment.
He does the only thing a man can do in that situation – ingratiate himself into Sebastian’s life and move in as his room mate.
And so the fun begins with the audience taken on a roller coaster of emotions as the characters try and find their way through the situation.
Peter Gerald as Tom, John Addison as Sebastian and Kate Graham as Lucy all put in strong performances.
But it’s the brilliant casting of Steven Webb and Lucyelle Cliffe who between them take on dozens of roles, showing off their versatility to the max and who steal the show with stand out performances. Webb’s officious maĆ®tre d’ is worth the ticket price alone.
Heartwarming, poignant, sad and funny this show has it all.
Top marks all round.

The Thing About Men is on at the Landor Theatre, Landor Road, Clapham until June 9.
Tickets cost £18.
Call the box office 020 7737 7276

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