Friday, 27 February 2015

Back to 95

FANS of old school House and Garage music are in for a treat this weekend with a special gig at the Great Suffolk Street Warehouse.
Celebrating 14 years of Back To 95, it will see a line up of more than 20 of the decade's favourite DJs and artists including Matt 'Jam' Lamont, Mikee B, Norris ‘The Boss’ Windross, Lifford and Denise Babes Fantastic performing at the Southwark venue.
Lining up for this milestone anniversary occasion and the first Back To 95 event of the year is one of the pioneering godfathers of the garage sound, special guest Todd Edwards, who will deliver a two-hour Oldskool set.
As well as Todd, Ivor Novello award winner Robbie Craig will also be making a star appearance.
Robbie, who was behind one of the biggest garage anthems, Women Trouble, says he's looking forward to the event which he describes as "one big reunion".
"Promoter Mikee Hughes is a friend from way back and I would do any gig he puts on as they are always a good big fun event," he tells me.
"Basically it’s an honour to be part of as the whole garage scene from the 90s is going to be there.
"We started it off and to be there in front of the crowd doing this 20 years later is such a buzz.
"Things have moved on but real ravers always want the pioneers that started it all on stage, so I’m very pleased to be asked to perform. I can't wait!"
The fact Robbie went into the music business is perhaps no surprise as his parents were part of a cabaret band.
From the age of eight he was their drummer and used to get up and sing with them.
"The highlight was me singing Ben by Michael Jackson," he chuckles. "I worked with them until I was 15 and then got noticed. They still do cabaret today in their 60s.
"I got my first record deal with Street Sounds and later on I met Jimmy Lowe.
"He was the head of Public Demand Records, who could do no wrong at the time and they notched up hit after hit.
"They were the strongest garage label of the time and also the most credible so it was great to be one of their leading artists along with Craig David and Artful Dodger."
Since then Robbie's had 11 recored deals and won numerous awards but says he still gets a kick out of playing to the crowds.
"I love it and to play in South London, where I live, is amazing and I'm really excited about this gig."
But he admits that there is still one thing he wants to do - work with Stevie Wonder.
"He's my idol. I’ve worked with so many great artists - Conner Reeves, Craig David, Artful Dodger, Go West, Toby Smith from Jamiroquai, Victoria Beckham and many more - but I'd love to work with Stevie Wonder."

Robbie Craig headlines with a live show at the Back To 95 14th Birthday Party on Saturday March 7 at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse from 10pm to 6am. Tickets cost from £20. Visit for tickets.

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