Monday, 25 January 2016

Shrek The Musical, New Wimbledon Theatre


Dean Chisnall as Shrek and Bronte Barbe as Princess Fiona. Credit Helen Maybanks

THERE can't be many who have not heard about or seen the heart warming story of Shrek, the giant green ogre who proves that beauty comes from within.
First a movie, the story then spawned a couple of sequels before being translated for the stage. And now after a successful stint in the West End it is on the final leg of a UK tour.
Shrek The Musical is currently on at the New Wimbledon Theatre and I defy you not to see it and come out without a big smile on your face.
Tap dancing mice, a host of colourful nursery rhyme and fairytale characters, a talking donkey and a princess who captures Shrek's heart are just some of the amazing characters in this barnstorming show.
For those who don't know, Shrek gets sent away by his parents aged just seven to go and live on his own in a swamp. Here he lives happily on his own with no one to bother him or tell him what to do. That is until the fairytale characters are sent to his swamp to live under the orders of the evil Lord Farquaad.
In a bid to get them off his land and back to where they belong, Shrek goes to visit Lord Farquaad. However Lord Farquaad has other ideas and insists that he will only comply with Shrek's demands if Shrek rescues a princess for him to marry.
And so Shrek, who is joined by Donkey, goes off in search of Princess Fiona who has been stuck in the tower for many many years and then deliver her to Lord Farquaad.
It is a wonderful story, full of humour and pathos and in this version, some fantastic songs which are sung brilliantly by the very strong cast.
They are led by Dean Chisnall as Shrek, Bronte Barbe as Princess Fiona and Idriss Kargbo as Donkey who are absolutely brilliant - the scene where Shrek and Fiona tried to outdo each other in the burping and breaking wind competition had my kids in stitches.
However it was Gerard Carey as Lord Farquaad who stole the show. Cavorting about the stage on his knees with perfectly coiffured hair he had the audience crying with laughter.
A real winner!

Shrek The Musical is on at the New Wimbledon Theatre, The Broadway until Sunday, January 30. Visit or call the box office on 0844 871 7646.

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