Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Lockdown - Day 2

I've not been doing much on here for the last few months. Mostly this is as a result of a lack of commissions - something that has made me really quite sad. I've been writing about theatre, music, comedy and dance for years and I really miss it. Not being in a theatre as much as I had been has been a sobering experience.

However, this Coronavirus has put things into perspective. I cannot imagine how directors, actors, writers, production staff, performers and in fact anyone involved in the arts and entertainment industry feel right now - loss of income, loss of the lives they love and a feeling of insecurity - I can only hope they are able to survive, physically, mentally and financially.

For me, not being able to see my mum as much as I would normally do has been the hardest. She is in the high risk group - her age and underlying health issues. I cannot take the risk and so she is in "splendid isolation" for her sake as much as ours.

Life as we know it is changing on a daily basis. However, taking it a few days at a time really helps mentally - and as I love a challenge, that's how I'm treating this. Somehow it makes me feel a bit better about things.

Yesterday for me was all about getting my two kids to follow the work their respective schools have set them for the next two weeks, before what would have been their Easter holidays. My eldest (in Year 10) is great and has embraced home working - really powering through her lessons, live and recorded, plus doing her homework and extra revision.

For my youngest, in Year 7, it's been harder. He's a natural fidget so getting him to actually sit on a chair to do his work has been tough. Also, he's a highly social animal and is struggling with the concept of not being able to see his friends face to face. However, he did manage to do the work as well as listen to the Head of Year 7 give an audio message.

Today he and I have done some of the PE exercises the PE teacher set him - Workout of the Week (WOW) - doing a set of exercises per day depending on the letter of the alphabet. It's been fun and we are determined to keep going throughout the next few weeks.

We are also planning to be creative with lessons such as DT, Art and Music.... and I am determined both my kids will have mastered operation of the washing machine, oven, hob and dishwasher by the time we come out of this weird and surreal time. We will also plant seeds, play games, cook, listen to music and dance along to it, and anything else we can think of to do and keep our minds active and in good spirits.

At the moment my youngest has a Computer Science lesson - and is watching a video about engineering presented by Jeremy Clarkson.

#keepwell #keepsafe

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