Thursday, 26 March 2020

Lockdown Day 3

Things I've learned so far during this lockdown....

1)Teens do not know the meaning of quiet learning - blame Skype, FaceTime, tech in general. The shouting, cheering, yelling coming from my 15 year old daughter’s room every day is quite something!

2) My 11 year old son is the biggest fidget in the history of the world - can’t sit let alone sit still for more than a minute - seems to spend his time kneeling on the chair to do his schoolwork or just standing by the table or jigging about.

3) The absolute worst time a laptop can die is in the midst of a Corona virus lockdown - I should know. Said 11 year old now has to make do with his phone which isn’t ideal as all the other computers in the house are in use by the rest of us. 

4) And our black assassin (aka Darcy) is bringing in voles (dead or alive) daily.  She never asks if we'd like them, she merely provides.

5) I'm going to have to self isolate from the chocolate / crisps / wine cupboards (delete as appropriate) at some point....

And breathe....!

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