Thursday, 11 December 2014

REVIEW - Antarctica at Battersea Arts Centre

FOUR stars

ANIMALS, adventure, tonnes of imagination and a bit of seasonal magic. Perfect ingredients for a children's show and which can be seen in abundance at the Battersea Arts Centre.
It's Christmas offering, Antarctica, is an absolute delight. It concerns brave explorer Sir Peregrine Falcon who sets out to Antarctica to see if he can find the illusive Owlabear.
What he wants more than anything is to take a picture of this amazing creature which has the head and wings of an owl and the body of a bear.
Along the way he gets snowed on by some mischievous snowflakes, meets penguins and sea lions loses his lunch to some scavenging birds and swims with the fish and jellyfish.
He also encourages the young audience, members of his Explorer's Club, to help him in his quest to see the Owlabear by holding flags, looking after his lunch and map reading.
It is a lovely, hugely imaginative and sweet show in which participation is encouraged and which grips the attention of the young audience.
Alex Scott as the explorer is brilliant and is ably assisted by Dominic Conway and Clare Beresford who between them dress up as the different animals - one of the funniest scenes was them pretending to be sea lions lying on the stage, barking and trying to move around.
They also play the snowflakes and perform hilarious dances as they toss their white paper snowflakes into the air.
It is all set to a selection of beautiful music - both classical and more modern. But the real thrill is seeing the Owlabear who is stunning!

Antarctica is on at the Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, until January 4. Tickets cost £14 for adults and £9 for children. Visit or call the box office on 020 7223 2223.

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