Thursday, 29 January 2015

Blind skier bids for Paralympics in 2018

Anyone who reads this blog will know most of the posts are about arts and entertainment. However, this story was one I thought I should share.
It concerns John Dickinson-Lilley - a member of the British Disabled Ski Team who is currently the UK's number one blind male ski racer.
The 36-year old from Forest Hill and who is registered blind only took up skiing five years ago.
He said: "I started losing my sight when I was 13. I never went skiing as a youngster and it was only when I was on holiday with some friends five years ago that I had a go.
"I really enjoyed it - it's an amazing feeling to be skiing at speeds of between 30 and 60mph in the fresh air - there's nothing like it.
"I was told I was quite good so began training and got a guide who skis with me and for the past three years I have been competing in competitions around the world.
"My guide, Jack Davey, and I communicate via blue tooth head sets and I trust him completely."
Mr Dickinson-Lilley who is head of public affairs at Solicitors Regulation Authority said he has been using savings and donations from friends and family but is running out of cash and is now desperate for sponsorship.
He said: "We get £1,000 from a sports charity and Finches Ski Shop in Forest Hill has been fantastic in its support including helping out with the cost of repairing the skis.
"However, the rest is self funded and to continue to compete on a part time basis I need about £30,000 a year as I have to pay for all Jack's equipment, travel and accommodation costs as well as my own.
"The kit alone is very expensive. For example a set of skis costs more than £1,000 each and I need eight pairs.
"I have enough saved to last me the next six weeks but unless I get some sponsorship I'm not sure what will happen."
Mr Dickinson-Lilley said he hopes the recent success of the British Ski Team will encourage businesses or individuals to help financially.
He said: "We've had a good season so far securing three golds and a bronze in international competitions. I hope this inspires people to support us."

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