Thursday, 29 January 2015

PREVIEW - Mini Vault Festival, Waterloo

WITH the six week Vault Festival now in full swing in the underground tunnels at Waterloo station, attention can now turn to its younger sibling.
Designed specifically for under 11s the Mini Vault will comprise a heady mix of music, circus, comedy and crafts spread over three weekends - February 7 and 8, February 21 and 22 and March 7 and 8.
The programme has been designed to encourage audiences to play, dance, make and run wild in the secret tunnels off Leake Street.
It includes circus, theatre, music, comedy, crafts and even a family friendly rave. It has been put together by the festival's co-producers Rose Alexander and Lara Taylor and they admit they've had great fun doing so.
"The Vault Festival is huge and brilliant and already established as an exciting event so we thought it would be an exciting opportunity to do something for kids too," says Rose.
"This is the first time we've done something like this here for kids and we are really excited about it.
"We had great fun putting it all together - it's been a real joy - but it was tricky because we had to make sure it would work for this age group.
"It's also such a magical space though that we thought families really should be able to get a chance to see it - it will be a great opportunity for children to run and explore though the large tunnels."
She promises "something for everyone" with both free and ticketed events.
Among the events on offer are curated performance installations, a street art tunnel take-over, wall-running classes, masterclasses, workshops, IdeasTap Spas, a permanent gallery space and a partnership with homeless charity The Passage.
"There are lots of highlights," says Rose. "One of my favourites will be the Big Fish Little Fish rave on March 8. It takes place in one of the cavernous spaces between 10am and 2pm and will be feature world class DJs, dance zones and interactive lights. It's brilliant."
Elsewhere recommendations include a child friendly version of Pirates Of The Carabina, a free circus show by the renowned group who wowed audiences at the London Wonderground last year.
There are also star turns from a selection of internationally acclaimed comedians as part of the Comedy Club For Kids and Figs In Wigs who are bringing their glitzy and bizarre variety show to the space.
"We really hope families stay and play once they have been to see a show," says Rosie. "We have lots of activities in the cafe area including face painting and arts and crafts workshops.
"What's great about the festival is that people can stay a while and dip in and out. Each day has a different programme so there will be lots of reasons to come back!"

Mini VAULT takes place over the weekends February 7 and 8, February 21 and 22 and March 7. Visit for full listings.

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